Before taking

This drug may cause circulation or  life-threatening heart problems: stroke,heart attack and especially if you use Motrin long term.

Motrin may also cause serious effects on the  intestines or stomach, including forming of a hole (perforation) or bleeding .

if youhave allergic reaction  to aspirin, ibuprofen,  or other NSAIDs, you should not use Motrin.

Ask a  pharmacist or doctor about may you use this drug or no, if you have:

  •  high blood pressure;
  •  a history of heart attack;
  •  a history of   blood clot;
  •  a history of  stroke, or
  •  a history of  bleeding
  •  congestive heart failure, heart disease,
  •  a history of stomach ulcers or;
  •  if you smoke.
  •  polyps in your nose;
  •  asthma;
  • kidney or liver disease;
  • SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus);
  • blood clotting disorde
  • a bleeding or r; or


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